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Even though the most miles we’ve done on any Tour are from the sofa, we’re passionate about Aussie cycling. If you are too then join us for the ride.

If you’d like to join our team, send us a message!


Brett Gibson (Gibbo)

Posts published: 17, Comments received: 23

Samuel Fisher (Samuel Fisher)

Samuel writes as a hobby in-between his two jobs and university studies. Along with his passion for cycling, Samuel is also passionate about cricket and rugby union.

Posts published: 17, Comments received: 19

Matt Rowley (Matt Rowley)

Posts published: 8, Comments received: 12

Andrew Mosey (Moses)

A sleep depraved fan of Aussie sport fan who discovered the magic of lycra and leg shaving on TV in 2009.

Stays up during the mountain stages to drink coopers and say ‘Le Peleton’ in a dodgy French accent. Jacques Cristo. Baguette.

Posts published: 8, Comments received: 11

Brendan Bradford (1bbradfo)

I imagine that Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen commentate my bike rides to work. It gets me there on time.

Posts published: 7, Comments received: 7


Posts published: 5, Comments received: 5

(Paris Tah)

Posts published: 1, Comments received: 5

Hubcap Cap (Hubcap)

bio-Endurance mountain biker and part time bike messenger. Lover of all things of two wheels. For more cycling related drivel follow me at @hubcap703

Posts published: 1, Comments received: 1