The Time Trial 5 to watch (well maybe 4)

Gibbo July 30, 2012 1

Finishing Predictions:

  1. Wiggins
  2. Froome
  3. Phinney
  4. Rogers
  5. Umm…Bueller….Bueller….Fry ….Fry…..  This might be a pretty short Blog post. (Maybe Mr Nibbles or Luis Leon Sanchez)

Seriously if the Bath Dodgers don’t go 1-2 in this there should be an inquiry (or they can buy the Aussie Men’s 4×100 swimming team a warm pint).  Froome may have clagged a little earlier than people expected during the Road race in the Team Gb chase, but his TT form was only second to Wiggins in the TDF.  Wiggins’ role of Domestique in the Road Race would have saved his legs his time has come for the Time Trial. The TDF/TT double is a big ask but do-able for him. Froome and Wiggins are the form riders in the TT and should battle for the Gold and Silver.  I expect it to go Wiggins’ way but would not be surprised to see Froome pull one out and really challenge here.  This may be a statement for his medium term future as a Pro-Team leader.

3 of the big challengers are out.  Spartacus, Mr Cuddles and Ze German (Cancellara, Evans and Martin) through injuries and fatigue.  So Phinney and Mick Rogers odds have shortened.  Those two should be challenging for the Bronze.  If  Cancellara and Martin were in it I’d put them ahead of Evans, Phinney and Rogers.  As the lone Aussie Rogers is in career best form and had some good ‘lone’ time during the road race as one of the only people to try and bridge the gap.

Oh Australian cycling what would you pay to have picked Porte now over Evans.  A quality Time Trialist who could have done work with Rogers and Team GB to force the sprint in the Road Race.  Harry Hindsight has 20/20 vision.

Go Mick Rogers!!!!


  • Ash

    Tony Martin’s nickname is “Panzerwagon”, apparently.

    Anyone but GB!

    I reckon I’ll be cheering mini-Phinney on, apart from Rogers of course.

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