Montage Monday: Le Tour of 2011

Moses August 20, 2012 1

Le Tour of ’11 brings back so many memories as it was the first tour I really followed.

For me the highlights were Johnny Hoogerland getting smashed into the barbed wire fence and still finishing, a spectator in a lab coat trying to give contraband to contador, Cadel’s massive solo effort in the mountains to catch the lead group after his bike broke with Frank Schleck-my-balls on his back wheel, and of course, Cadel’s time trial to take the yellow into Paris.

Time for a montage:

What are your memories of 2011?

  • Ahmad

    The Livestrong bracelets were so popualr they became a fashion trend… and in that vein – they are so last season. Maybe Lance realizes that everyone is bored and has moved on to another color rubber bracelet and he needs some good PR to get people to buy his stuff again. I’m sick of him, too, but at least he’s doing it for a good cause. It could be worse – he could be the one making millions off of the little rubber bands.

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